New Octo arrived today...


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I took a 1/2 day today to get my new Octo from Fed Ex. No pics just yet cuz I don't want to freak it out, but I got a cool little Bimac today from So far so good!
What an amazing creature! He was trying to crawl out of the bag before I even got done the aclimation. Now the eating challange begins. In there I have 1 live "peel and eat" shrimp, 2 hermits, 2 ghost shrimp, and may put in a damsel once he is aclimated and comfy.
For those of you on the fence about these things...the first time you see it use all 8 legs to crawl on the rocks, or it spreads its legs and brings them together to propel forward...all you can say is "That is sweet".
i dont know about puting in a damsel. Damsels are pretty aggressive. If the octo is the same size of or only a little bigger than a damsel, the fish could spook him out, especiallly if he is still a little stressed from shipping. Maybe wait a week or two until he has eaten all the crabs/shrimp and is more settled in before trying a fish.
The first bimac I got did the same thing. It was holding it self out of the water when I unwraped the bag it was shipped in. I just tilted the bag and let it crawl right in the tank. No problems what so ever, it was exploring the rocks in the tank as soon as it went in. The little guy was spreading its arms over the rock and blowing out its webbing looking for food in minutes. They are very hardy little octopus and the best there is to own for species that are commonmly available. Jack is shipping me a little one for tomorrow mornings delivery:D
LOL, actually maybe an Architeuthis or GPO????? hahaha,

well bimac would do but cyanea would be nice, better not hold my breath tho.....