new octopus


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I have had an octopus in my tank for two days now. He is eating
great, but he will not come out of the bag we brought him home in and he has a prolonged whitish color. Any suggestions on how to get him to explore his new home would be welcomed.
I use to have an octopus and he would come out mostly at night. In fact i swear he would come out at night to watch TV with us.
Turn the bag inside out. It will quickly find cover and if it is a nocturnal species, you won't see it again for a few days and then only at night when it starts to forage.

My octopus liked to watch TV with me too. I know he did. It was probably the light from television, but who knows. Maybe he just liked the Jeffersons.
Most octopi I have seen available at the LFS are always brown in color....otherwise they are black from hiding under rockwork. Does anyone know of the species of octopi that are brown to tannish in color??? I know that they are the fastest chaging camo on the planet..... but they must have a base color.