New pair w/host-NEED ID plz


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I didnt really want to get an anemone, but I do love clowns. I ran across a pair of maroon yellow stripe clowns (Premnas biaculeatus?) and a host anemone- or are the clowns the host to the anemone?
I am not too educated about anemones. I know they like high light, good flow but not too strong. I also know they will go for a walk-about if they become unhappy and that can cause trouble if they find corals I like or powerheads ect. I know if it moves it isnt happy- but I just got it in the tank last night.

I was really nervous about how I was going to actually get them transferred. I was shocked more than they were. The fish seemed to understand what was going to happen.
The combo of the rock, the anemone, the LARGE female and the male made a tough acclimation. The final transfer was after swapping water while in the bucket, then from a bucket to the tank- all in one motion and all together.
Both fish were so in love with their anemone I didnt want to stress them out trying to scoop em out one by one-I just picked up the rock and let them lay right on top in the anemone as I placed it into the display.

This morning it looks very happy, the clowns are not stressed from the move (I think if they could talk I would be getting some praise from them).

The large female is swimming around checking out the new pad, the male is just clowning around in the anemone. :rollface:


So here is why I posted...

OPINIONS (I m opening the door for ya'll)

#1-What I have is a 6ft long tank, very shallow at about 11" deep with a 1-1.5" deep sandbed (so the water is about 9" deep). The anemone is on top of a really large rock that puts the anemone at depths from 3"-6" from the surface. The rock is sort of tilted.
As of now I have (4) 96w PC type lamps over the tank- (2) fixtures that have (2) lamps in each one. The light fixtures measure 72" long and the lamps are positioned end to end. So I basically have one of these lamps directly over the top of the anemone.
Also- I have good flow, but I placed the anemone rock in the back corner in 'calm' water. I did not think it was a good idea to place them directly into the path of a powerhead or my returns.- theres not much room for this large piece in this tank. I dont plan to keep it here for years either.
*I am running a large skimmer in a sump that takes the 80 gallon display up to a total of approx. 150 gallons of overall volume. I run some carbon in a magnum canister filter. Params have always been stable and in acceptable ranges, although I am going to get the CA reactor pumping soon.

*if things seem like they need more light, I have some halides I can use, but I dont want to add the heat if I dont have to.


#2- I dont know if its bleached- looks minty green with white tips and purple dots on the very end of the tentacles. The person I got it from was not sure, but said he thought it was a bubble tip. I dont agree, but what do I know.
The anemone is about 8" diameter this morning. I anticipate more expansion as it settles.



(I am going to move the frogspawn ;) )


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It is difficult to tell just looking at the oral disc. In some respects, it resembles some H. crispa individuals, while in others, it may be E. quadricolor. A shot of the underside of the disc and the column will be more revealing.


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Unusual looking anemone. I would have to say H. crispa, though typically P. biculeatus prefers E. quadricolor. It just doesn't look like a BTA. Any way you could get a photo of its column (even part of its column?)

*EDIT* ^^^ Amphiprion beat me to it :)


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Usually you dont lift the edge of a skirt just to see whats under there :eek2:

Heres about as much as she would let me see....



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thanks guys.

Being home all day, Ill be able to keep an eye on its condition this 1st day.
The tentacles are stretching more and more.. and more and more...
Its pretty big.