New power compact bulb temps


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I need to order new power compact bulbs. I was wondering what you guys thought would be the best set up for me.

Currently, I have 4 96W straight pin bulbs (2 10K bulbs and 2 blue bulbs).

I was thinking maybe a 10K bulb, a 6700k bulb and 2 actinic blue bulbs. Or should I just stay with two new 10K bulbs and 2 actinic bulbs? Also, anyone know of a place to get some good bulbs?

Any help is greatly appreciated!!!!
Sorry... I really need to order new bulbs. I can not find just a 96W 10K bulb in a straight pin configuration. I did find a 10K/6700k combo bulb. So what do you guys think if I did two of those and two of the true actinic bulbs?
I was just looking on there... I found the bulbs i need for VERY cheap!!! They do not have a brand or anything. Is there a difference between those bulbs and the ones that actually have a brand from an online relailer?