new reef aquarium


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Hi guys ! Im planning to build a reef aquarium of size 5 ft * 2ft * ft. I dont know anything about building a reef aquarium and would like to learn from scratch . my LFS guy was going to help me build the tank and he did but did not make any holes in there. since the glass is toughened i cannot drill holes in there . I will need to remove one glass and fix a new one in there . can anyone help me with a design so i know where to drill holes for the sump.

I also need help with the sump design and what size would be good for a 5*2*2 display tank.

any help would be much appreciated.

Best wishes.


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A lot depends on how you're gonna set up the system as a whole. Dual corner overflows? Try a search and choose the tank design you'd like to copy.

How many gallons is the DT? That will determine a range size for your sump.