New reef new light


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hi guys, I'm working to setup a new full sps dominated reef tank 48"x22"x22". In another reef with the same dimensions I use two Kessil ap9x but in this new system I would like to use other brand of led light. in your opinion what is the best choice for my reef tank in order to have super colorful sps wall to wall?

- two radion G5 blue with 2 reefbrite
- three radion G5 blue perpendicular to front glass
- two ati Straton pro
- two orphek icon ( two compact icon or one compact icon + one full size icon)

Vinny Kreyling

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The Stratton is designed to imitate a t-5 look.
We all know Radions work & VetteGuy swears by his Orphek.
Personally I would try the latter.


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The ATI look interesting and a nice looking light but I have never seen one in action yet.
Not a fan of Radion's. I know they work but do not like mobius and the lights always seem to have this flat look and not a nice crisp light like you get with Kessil.

Another light allot of people seem to like is the Philips Coral Care.