new reef ready 55gallon tank


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Just ordered a perfecto reef ready tank with all the accessories. What a great deal I got. Brand new wholesale for 93.00. Its coming on wednesday. A friend owns a fish store. Thats why I got it cheap. what does it come with for accessories . Does any have the same tank or one like it. Please let me know. I also getting a urchin skimmer. I need a filter. Will probley use my maxi jet 1200 for the power head. Will i need another power head in the tank. What else would i need for under the cabinet

Most likely a test kit, net, some chemicals, kent marine is a good brand, yea I proably would get another pump in their I have (2) ZooMed pumps in my 55 gallon tank.

make sure you have a heater,

do you even have sand, LR, anything or just the bare tank with accessories from your buddy
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...with all the accessories. What else would i need for under the cabinet?
Does this include a return pump? If yes, then your deal got you off to a pretty good start. This isn't specifically an "under the cabinet" item, but since your friend owns a petstore, I'd ask about an RO setup as well. You're going to need RO water on a regular basis.