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I had kept seahorses for several years, I lost them all to a vibrio outbreak and now my tank is unfit for horses. I'm a newbie to reef keeping and would like some info and maybe some hardy coral ideas.
My tank is a 44 gallon pentagon all glass, it's a pretty simple setup, it has a remora protein skimmer, a magnum 350 canister filter, 2 aqua clear 30 power heads and 45 pounds live rock. Right know the stock includes a 3 year old orange tubastrea, some blue shrooms and a green paly. I have a false percula and a yellow clown goby and a small mandrin dragonette also a fire shrimp and a pepermint. I would like to stock my tank with some very colorful and easy corals and maybe a few more fish----what do you think? tax returns are comming soon!


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mandarins need very established tanks with refugiums creating alot of pods. Might want to trade him back. Good luck with that tank, its not ideal for a reef tank, get pics up when you do it!


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I had almost the same setup as you a few years ago except it was a 30 gal hex, really enjoyed it. Once it got more mature and stable I was able to keep a nice mix.



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Yep, chip off the old block :) Its an old pic, unfortunately there was a series of events (and suspicions) as to what really went caused my tank crash. Wellington eh, my grandmother lives in Sullivan.


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Try some Zoas they always add good color. Maybe a RBTA and a frogspawn. Stick with softies till you get the hang of everything.