New reference on stomatopods


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Many of the researchers working on stomatopods have just completed a major revision of the chapter on stomatopods in the Treatise on Zoology. It is 176 pages, is richly illustrated with drawings and photographs and covers most aspects of stomatopod biology from larvae to reproduction, behavior to systematics. I'm not sure when it will start showing up in libraries, but I received notice this morning that it is "published". The citation is:

2013. F.R. Schram, S.T. Ahyong, S.N. Patek, P.A. Green, M.V. Rosario, M.J. Bok, T.W. Cronin, K.S. Mead Vetter, R.L. Caldwell, G. Scholtz, K.D. Feller & P. Abello. Subclass Hoplocarida Calman, 1904: order Stomatopoda Latrielle, 1817. Treatise on Zoology "“ Anatomy, Taxonomy, Biology: The Crustacea. J.C. von Vaupel Klein, M. Charmantier-Daures and F.R. Schram. Ed. Vol. 4, Part A. Brill, Boston. pp. 179-355.

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Please keep us up to date as when we can acquire this book. Working at a military teaching hospital our library can acquire this as study material. Thank you for the heads up Doc.