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Hey guys- i have a mag 7 return pump on my tank. i bought the tank and it had been used for almost 10 years so i dont know actually how old the pump is.

I wanted to replace the pump because i worry about stray voltage, and also the pump is really noisy!!

Any suggestions on a good, quiet pump? I dont want to spend an arm and a leg.



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Size of tank, size of drains, plumbing size length and fittings.

Aflac gives me a couple grand for a leg and a couple grand for an arm, so under $6k, Plenty of options with that budget ;)

We need more info.


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I have an Eheim Compact+ 3000 for my 55g, and I have it dialed back pretty far. It would probably be more than enough for your tank.


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im also looking at the jebao dc 1200 anyone have any opinions/reviews on these? i would need to have 3/4" return pipe connected to it


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im also looking at the jebao dc 1200 anyone have any opinions/reviews on these? i would need to have 3/4" return pipe connected to it

Jebao dc1200 is a nice little pump for smaller applications. But, you will need something with a bit more punch.

Try one of these...

Jebao DC6000 (I own one. I sleep with it running under my pillow.)
Eheim 1260 (I've never used one but many people swear by them.)
Sicce 2.0 or probably the 2.5 (I owned a 1.5 and currently have a 5.0.)
Hydor Seltz L40 (I own a L30 it's dead silent when compared to the Sicces'.)

If I were to do another return pump for my 75g I'd definitely trial that L40. The L30 was so damn quite compared to my Sicce 1.5 and 5.0. Huge difference in price. I'd expect the Seltz to last 1-7 years. A Sicce would probably last 3-10 years.

The Jebao is a nice pump probably the most quiet pump I've every owned which is the reason I bought it. The trick is you have to go big with the Jebao. Much bigger than you would expect to need because when these are turned on full strength they are loud, they'll whine at max setting. So, get something that is bigger than your needs and dial it back with the controller then they are basically impossible to hear running. Also, don't expect years and years of life out of the Jebao, only 1-3 years.


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I just installed a Jebao dc6000 to my 75g. Soundless! At 80% power. Love it.

You must be new to the hobby.. Hopefully that DC Pump doesn't bite you in the rear. They aren't very reliable and as such are not a good choice for a return pump IMO. My experience tells be to never use a return pump with a history of failing dead and all these Chinese pumps have proven to be unreliable. A return pump failure where the pump up and dies and completely unacceptable and can often prove to be catostrophic. Thanks but no thanks. I'd much prefer an Eheim or Laguna Maxflo from a reliablity standpoint and both are about as quiet and the Laguna's are even more efficient than the DC pumps. For a return pump, corner cutting should not be a consideration. Reliability should be the number one priority.
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I'm using the new Reef Octopus DC-5500 and it's been great for 6 months now. It's reasonably priced, totally silent even at full power and you can adjust the output. They make a 3500 model if you want something smaller.