New salt go bad?


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My main reason for getting out of this hobby was that all of a sudden my tank started to grow algea, hair algea to more specific. I had it running great for a few years all sps to softies were doing good. I tried cutting back on the hours of lighting to buying new bulbs even though my other bulbs were only 4months old. I replaced almost everything that wasn't naild down but it was a lost cause for me so I sold everything. Excepted one thing I didn't sell was my salt Tropic Marine. A friend of mine was just about to buy some so I gave him my salt it was brand new. I bought a 300gl. mix and used about half of it. Now he has been battling hair algea for months now and the only thing he has done different is adding the salt I gave him. Ever since he let me know about this, it kind of made sense to me b/c my problem started around the same time. The more I used it the worse the problem got. At the time figured that it couldn't be the salt it was brand new and my water was always at 0 DI and the tank was always crystal clear. Could this really have been my problem.


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I would like to say the salt was not the problem but the more you are in this hobby anything is possible. I don't think anyone is going to be able to give you a concrete answer. There are always obstacles to overcome with these tanks.
Hair algae problems are normally attributed to levels of phosphate above 0.03 ppm. I would use a good quality phosphate test kit and run tests on the salt mix. I would also check to make sure the rodi water is at 0 also. :)


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why wouldnt you test the salt for excess nutrients , phosphates, nitrates, proper levels of ca, alk, mag etc just to be sure