new skimmer for my reef


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hi guys, which skimmer should i use on my full sps reef 48”x24”x24”?
ultra reef akula?
dalua great white skimmer with dc pump?
I would like to have an efficient and silent skimmer.
this is a video of my reef


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My only experience with skimmers is Reef Octopus and I haven’t had any issues at all with it. I honestly don’t even recognize the brands you have listed so hopefully some can chime in there. But also awesome looking tank


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Your tank is indeed looking just fantastic, which leads me to ask: What if you don't actually need a skimmer? Since it's going that well, is there a chance the tank has just the right mix of nutrients such that skimming might alter the successful equation?


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I have come to find that it is very much up to personal preference, previous experience and brand loyalty when you buy a skimmer and that it is very difficult indeed to find some solid purchase advise on 'which one is best'..

I am on my 3rd Deltec DC skimmer now and in our current Red Sea Reefer 170 I am using a Deltec 400i DC skimmer.

On my +200 gallon build (.. in my dreams and plans!) I will also be using a Deltec ; the 1500i DC skimmer.

In my experience, they're incredibly easy to dial in and take minimum adjustment to run to my liking. I have made a slight modification to my 400i by adding a push-fit connector to drain the skimmer cup- and an optical sensor in the top but it runs very well without any of this..

Best of luck! 🙏