New Spectrapure Ultra Precise Top Off System. Good for Calcium Reactor Feed Pump Too


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Up for sale is a brand new in the box Spectrapure Ultra Precise Top Off System/Ultra Precise Level Controller P/N: LLC-UPLC-ATO-115

These normally sell for $269.99. The box has never been opened. I am selling it for $230 Local Pickup in Simi Valley or Chatsworth depending on the day and time. I can also ship it for an additional cost. PM me if you are interested.

Based on the Spectrapure Litermeter 3 pump, these are about the most reliable & bullet proof peristaltic based top off systems ever made. What makes UPLC unique is that the flow rate on the UPLC can be controlled in 10 steps from 18ml/min up to 180ml/min.

The ability to control the flow rate makes it well suited for feeding a calcium reactor and eliminating the need for needle valves to control the effluent rate. Those needle valves are notorious for clogging up and needing constant maintenance. Using a controllable feed pump makes a calcium reactor set it and forget it once you have it dialed in since the effluent rate will never change once it’s set. With the UPLC pump, you set the flow rate using the buttons on the interface between 18ml/min to 180ml/min and the UPLC will precisely pump the set feed turning on and off at intervals controlled by the built in UPLC controller. When using this solution for a calcium reactor, you simply don’t use the included pressure sensors. See the Masterflex thread here on Reef Central for more details on why peristaltic pumps are the best solution for feeding a calcium reactor.

For ATO use, this includes a pair of pressure sensors and a magnetic proble holder to hold those sensors. One sensor is for the low level and the other is for the high level allowing you to adjust the range of water level variation within your sump. These pumps are super powerful and can literally push/pull water long distances and deal with high head pressure. They also never siphon. And you can set how fast you want it to add water ranging from 18ml/min to 180ml/min making it an ideal autopmatic top off solution for both large and small systems.

• Highest Quality and Accuracy -- New and Improved “Gen 6” LiterMeter3 Pump machined to aerospace tolerances. Antiwear and anti- friction coated for exceptional pump life.
• Fully automatic operation - May be programmed to fill a vessel or to drain a sump (Fill Mode/Drain Mode).
• High reliability metal pump housing
• Virtually maintenance free
• No damage to the pump if run dry
• No check valves to clog or seals to leak
• Self-priming and anti-siphoning
• High limit Sensor Tube for fail-safe operation
• High delivery pressure - over 40 psi
• Compact size and cool operation
• Kalkwasser safe
• Quiet operation and low power consumption
• Complete system consumes less than 3 watts when pump is on

The specs are:
Pump Flow Rate: Adjustable in 10 Steps from 18ml/min up to 180 ml./min.
Dimensions: 5.35"L x 2.15"H x 2.2"W (13.6 cm. x 5.5 cm. x 5.6 cm.)
Maximum Daily Total (per Pump): 260 liters (68.5 gals.)
Draw Height: from maximum 25 feet (7.6 meters) below
Delivery Height: to maximum 60 feet (18.3 meters) above
Power Supply: 115VAC /12VDC wall-mounted power supply (Can be powered by 12VDC battery)


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