New Stand-Brackets OK?


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I am building my second stand. My first one was for a 55 gal. This is for a drilled 75 with corner flow. I want to add a center brace to the stand to support the center of the tank. I picked up some galvanized joist hangers from Lowes to hang the center brace. The idea is that I want the brace to be removable. I want to add a large sump to the bottom. I can lower it through the opening at the top. Then install the center brace. See attached pics.


1. Is a galvanized piece of metal inside the stand a bad idea?
2. I was thinking of giving the brackets a good coat of enamel paint. Would this make it more acceptable?
3. It probably wouldn't be any worse than the hinges for the cabinet doors, Right?
4. I have some 1/2" foam sheet, seen on the left of one of these pictures. To place it under the tank, I just cut it so that it lines the rim (plastic support casing) of the tank, and down the center, correct? That will compensate for any imperfections in the stand.

Please post your comments!!!






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I think you are waisting your time, I have had tanks up to 300 gallons, without center bracing on the stands, the tank is supported by the outer edges not on the bottom in the middle, thats a good way to get a crack because it creates a stress point. I would add a piece of 1x4 underneath the 2x4 from front to back in the center if you are worried about the stand bowing , but it wont, you built it well, and just use screws to hold it in place, so if you need it out you can just unscrew it. Dont overthink it, your stand looks good and will do great......add a 1/4" stryofoam pad to the top of the 2x4s and fill er up.....