New Sump - Fuge Before or After Skimmer?


Hi Everyone.
I'm getting back in after 15+ years and am trying to figure out best way to configure my sump. DT is 225gal w/ dual corner (internal) overflows.
From what I've read online, it seems there's a fairly even split between those who put their refugium before or after their protein skimmer.
Are there any thoughts on there on this topic, or is it really just a preference thing?


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Sooner or later, much of the water will pass through the skimmer whether it's before or after, but: my thinking is put it after because you want the benefits of the refugium to be able to flow back in the tank without potentially being halted by an impeller wheel and all those tiny bubbles.


Thanks. Appreciate that.
Was trying to find a commercial sump that is setup for rollermats and has the refugium chamber after the skimmer chamber.
No success thus far.
I've always done refugium after the skimmer.