New sump


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New 55 gallon sump I designed and made. What do you guys think a little over kill. Hard piped, with inlets behind sox for easy changing. Then water rains over bioballs. Protien skimmer goes directly to pump chamber, and the overflow goes to cheato chamber where it actually tumbles. Dont worry about hurting my feelings


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Pictures have to be under 3 MB but there is one in your post so something worked.

Looks fine to me as long as skimmer bubbles don't get transfered to your display. The bioball setup steals a lot of space. Could save some space with one of the modern bio bricks out there.


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Thanks I am experiencing some micro bubbles, was planning to add a baffle. I tried the brick some years back and personally seemed to get more with the balls. But I see now they have some new bricks much less dense then the old ones. Will see how it works on a months, the real test