New Swissguard Basslet


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Hey Guys. About a week ago my girlfriend got me a swissguard for my 14 gallon biocube and he is around 2 inches.

I'm worried because he has yet to come out for feeding time and I haven't seen him eat anything yet. Every time I look in my tank he is hiding in the very back behind the live rock. He looks healthy and I can't see any parasites or anything on him.

I understand they are very shy fish, especially in the beginning, but I'm worried about him not eating and starving. Luckily I have quite a few pods in my tank, so I'm hoping he is eating them. But I'm not positive.

By the way, the only other fish in my biocube is a small mated pair of clowns and the only time I have seen the swissguard come out they never even bothered or went near him.

By the way, I feed my fish/corals/inverts pellets and frozen brine shrimp. Should I try something new for my swissguard? or should I just let him adjust over time and start eating?

I understand live brine shrimp is best, but I don't have anywhere in the area to buy live brine shrimp.


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By the way, I also have a skunk cleaner shrimp. Maybe he is scaring the swissguard from coming out?


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Mine loves NLS pellets but he also takes PE/Hikari Mysis and Hikari Spirulina Brine shrimp as well.

They are EXTREMELY cryptic fish (so much that some rarely see them in their reefs at all) and are also very adaptable to captivity and very hardy once they do adapt. I would give it another week before you start to worry.


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I added one 2-3 months ago. It took him a few days to start popping out once in awhile. Once I found out where he was hanging out, I target fed the cave hoping he was eating (feeding frozen plankton mix and marine mix, doesn't seem to like Krill much). After about a week he started getting braver and coming out to feed. He does stay in the rocks alot but now pops out often during the day to check things out. I find he doesn't like bright light either. I recently changed out my T5's for a more blue look and I see him more often....also see him swimming in the open alot at night once the lights are out.


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They are a very shy fish, especially with MHs on. Mine comes out more during the T5 lighting period. Mine is about 3 inches long and I've had him for about a year.