New Tank! 14 Gallon BioCube. What now?


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Well folks. I have decided to return to the world of reef tanks of the nano persuasion. :) I have come across a 14 Gallon BioCube that I can't pass up. It apparently has sand and some rock in it with stock lighting. (2x24PC I think)

I have had a 10 gallon nano in the past. Very enjoyable little low tech tank. Had some polyps and many crabs. Pod fest with a pair of false percs in there for only a short time.

Here is my current plan of attack. Please feel free to suggest other avenues or inclusions. I am still new to nano tanks.

BioCube 14:

Lighting: Stock
Pump: Upgrade (MJ900?)
Filtration: Add bit more liverock and sand. 10 pounds in there now as well as a fuge in 2nd chamber with grow light on rear of tank using LOA 6,500K bulb. Cheato added and LR ruble there. Floss in another chamber or where I can add it. (Not sure)
FLow: May add a small PH if necessary. I see nice little round ones these days, not sure what they are. :mixed:
Cooling: I saw a small fan on Nanotuners that would attach nicely with a few extra vents in the hood I think.

Let me know if i'm missing something.


Pair of Ocellaris Clowns.
Yellow Goby or Firefish?
Various hermits and snails.
Zoas in blue and green.
LPS of some sort. (Candycane or small brain?)
Watermelon Mushrooms
Red or Purple Mushrooms.

I plan on creating a cave of some sort there. I had a cave goby in my 58. He was the coolest fish. He is still around in another members tank.

Please advise if I am starting off on the wrong foot. I am picking up the tank tomorrow evening. It will be staying in my office.


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i would definitely upgrade to a MJ900 return pump. the little powerheads may be a koralia nano? they seem to be very popular, i have one in my 12g and it's great.

other than that, looks like you're off to a good start. i didn't see a heater on your list. something to consider if your office gets cold. an auto top off might be useful for office tanks. i have one hooked up for my work tank and it keeps my water level in check.

good luck with your build. post some pics when you can.
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Koralia Nano it will be. Thanks thin crust.

The tank comes with a heater and a few odds n ends. Will have to see what it needs I suppose. I have heaters around here somewhere.

ATO? Never had one but I will likely use one now. I recall the Tunze osmolator being good. Any other ideas on one?


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Right on, that's awesome it comes with a heater. I've only heard great things about the Tunze Osmolator but it's kinda pricey for a nano. I use a JBJ ATO for both my nanos and it's been solid. I think have them on sale for 74.95. If you're crafty then you also make one yourself. I believe Melev has instructions on his website.


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Well, I picked up the 14 gallon. Great deal. Came with test kit, about 10 pounds LR, sand, various additives, heater, stock filtration and lighting. Nice tank.

Checked out your build fish. I will likely borrow your ideas. :) Thanks.

I will post pics tomorrow. Rock is in a bucket with heater and the stock pump for now. :) Excited.