New Tank Acrylic thickness


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Hello everyone,

So i am in the middle of ordering a brand new aquarium. Right now i am leading towards a 200g 96X24X20 ******* acrylic tank. However a stock ******* acrylic tank has a .375 thick acrylic walls. Should i be concern regarding how thin the walls are? They do have an upgrade version to .50 acrylic, but it would increase the price of the tank close to double. Just not sure if it worth it to upgrade.

any feeback would be great.



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I am in no way claiming to be an expert, but .375 seems a little thin to me.

Some people will go with thinner material based on height and 20 inches may be considered low by some, but the tank is also long. Just seems like a lot of weight and water for 3/8's material. See what others say. Good luck!



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The stock thin size might bow a bit but should hold with no issues. I personally do not like acrylic tanks and recommend starphire glass especially under 300 gallons. But if I did go acrylic I would definately up the thickness so it does not bow.