new tank build


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this may be a dumb question and im prob gonna feel stupid asking this but i have seen that when people do custom tank builds, they always put foam under that tank. what is the reason for the foam? im in the process of upgrading from a 180 fo to a 265 reef, so maybe this will be useful for me.


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I asked this question not too long ago... based on the type of tank, you have the ones that use the sides to hold the tank (walls go all the way to the bottom instead of ending in the bottom glass or acrylic) and then you have the ones where the bottom is the part that takes all the load (sides rest on top of the bottom glass or acrylic)...

The foam is to avoid pressure points and avoid/minimize those breaking the bottom. You want the foam on the tanks that the bottom is the main supporting structure... you do not want it in the ones where the walls provide the structure because the foam would create unnecessary pressure to the bottom (pushing it up and creating additional risk of separation...)

Pretty sure someone else will chime in with a complete/better explanation...