New Tank CUC design


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My cycle has completed and I'm ready for livestock. I know the CUC is the next step, but I'm worried the quantity recommended is far too much for my tank given the little amount of food that may be in there. I have a 180g DT with 150lbs dry rock and 5lbs live rock, and a 2inch live sand bed. No fish yet. If I buy a CUC recommended for 180g, won't most of it starve?

Any recommendations on a "starter" kit that I can add to as the bio load increases?

Thanks in advance, ZB.


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I set my CUC with suggested for my tank size and purchased half of what they had in mind


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for my 100 gallon, reefcleaner recommended:

80 Dwarf Ceriths
26 Nassarius
38 Florida Ceriths
32 Nerites

I would go 1/3 or 1/2 of that... then add more slowly as you add fish

and of course I add the few I really want. shrimps