new tank help


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i have a 55 gal
10 gal sump
normal lights (t-8) i plan on updating them when the cash comes in to t-5s
has been set up for 2 weeks and went through the cycle completly
i have 50 lbs of live rock
deep sand bed 5 inchish

i need my clean up crew little money to spend and i was wondering what i need to get first or should i get one of each ?


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Well not sure when your cycle ended.... but it is always best to wait a week after that to make sure it is completly done with the cycle.

As for clean up crew...... hermits, snails, crabs, possible urchin, possible sea cucumber. has "Clean-Up Crew" packages. It has different ones for different size tanks. Take a look on there and find the closest one to a 55g. It'll tell you how many of each thing you get.... just to give you an idea.

Personally........... I'd only get hermits and snails. If you get a HUGE blooom of algae then throw in a urchin. Then once your ready to add livestock.... get rid of the hermits. Hermits will kill snails for their shell, and I'm not buying all those snails just to feed hermits.


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you can pretty much buy any combo of cleaners.. I wouldnt throw to many in there at first.. stick with nessarius and cerith snails.. one of the two burrow(I believe its nessarius but I alwasy get them confused, the one that has a long white tentacle and hangs out of its shell) in the sand and keep it stirred up which is good for a deep sandbed IMO. Id also look into conchs in the future they are cheap and really cool, they also burrow.. Id throw 6-12 snails in for now and in a week ad something else little.. try to hang away from astrea snails not that there bad, but they seem to die easy and I dont believe they can flip themselves over if they are on there back as easy as other snails.. I also liked serpent stars which are decent for eating crap and dead stuff on the bottom.. gl


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"thx but could i just like buy just snails at first or is it best to buy all at the same time"... them as you go along


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what about Scarlet Skunk Cleaner Shrimp are they hard to keep I read they help clean the fish and help them stay healthy by eating parisites from the fish.