New tank...How long until clams

Hello, I've set up a 58 with 250hqi pendent. Added 45lbs live rock going on 3 months. Lawnmower blenny is only fish and wide assortment of snail,cukes,hermits,conch etc. for clean up. My alkalinity is 4.5 meq/l, Ca.4oo+ppm, no measurable amonia or nitrates via salifert test kits. I'm planning on keeping a BTA,pair of tomatoe clowns,6 green chromis, 6 line wrasse, along with clams and some montipora sps. Anyway, how long should I wait to start adding the clams. I've got a blue maxima that's been in a 30 w/96w CF's for 3 months and just don't want to loose it to impatience. Thanks in advance for advice, Rob.
I am no expert, but I think you should be ok to go. Are you dosing your tank with any DT's or any other type of plankton? If not I would start with the 58 and then move him in there after you did that for 1-2 weeks to help get some plankton in the water as they feed off that.

But, I would not go soley upon my input, as I am a beginner with clams (even though I now have 8!). I am sure that TopTank, Jim Norris and others could answer you better unless I am correct.
You should be fine, but as with any other stocking, go slow. If your clam is happy now, go ahead and switch it. Just keep an eye on it, and keep other tank setup for a little while just in case. You should make sure to use standard acclimating procedures unless water chemistry is identical. Clams rule!!!!
As long as you water chemistry is stable with no swings. Watch that pH, very important to keeping clams.

What kind of hermits do you have. I just don't trust them. Just my opinion.

Yeah, and keep in mind that BTA's are very mobile. I don't think an anemone sting would be good for a clam.
Ok, I guess I should start feeding this clam and future additions. That's something I haven't been doing. I have been feeding the aneomne thumb nail size shrimp pieces on a daily basis. The clowns are feed daily, too. I guess I'll put the aneomne into tank first so it can settle into a spot before putting clam in. The hermits in the 58 are really small blue legged variety. I could take them out and put into 30 once clam is out. I was having a problem with an emerald crab that started cropping my Montipora digitita. Never actually saw him doing it, but when he went out it stopped happening. I've seen blue legged climbing around clams mantle and clam closed up to get him away. I didn't notice any damage on clam. Thanks for the advice and let me know if above sounds right, Rob.
Hi Jim(TOPTANK), you mentioned something about hermit crabs. I've got lots of Blue legged hermit Crabs. What signs should I be paying attention to. Lately, I've notice that my clams have not opened a lot. The other day I notice one of the crabs hangin around the rim area by the mantle of my clams. Thanks

That is really a tough call. A lot of people have no problems with crabs and some have reported that they have. Some say that crabs will not go after a healthy clam but will if it is going down hill. I know they will clean up what is left of a dead clam. So flip a coin. I dislike saying that but I can only report what I have heard.

Now in my clam holding tanks I do not have any kind of crabs.

Ok, blue legs cost 1$, blue maximus$$$$. I'm going to start rerouting hermits to another tank. Is having aneomne with clams a potential problem. It just went into tank tonight and wanted aneomne to get settled before adding clam. When it went into the 30 it settled down pretty fast.
HI JIM and BARRY. Gentlemen I really apologize for switching the names. All I know you gentlemen are the "MAN" when it comes to clams. Thanks for the advice about - hermit crabs + clams = trouble. I will be catching them all and relocate them or sell them.