New tank idea, is this good?


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I'm currently Building a 75gal all in one tank. Being an all in one it is essential like having a smaller sump in the tank. Hope to have a refugium area in the divided areas in the back. Going to use a ehiem 475-792gph return pump also filter floss then 3 different levels of filter sponge in the first compartment and any other filter products on a media tray. Next section refugium with hob protein skimmer heater and some macro algae, last compartment return pump. Is this a good setup? Any advice or tips?
Currently have a 36gal bow front fowlr with hob filter and protein skimmer. Not great success constantly fighting high nitrates and low ph. Have lost a handful of fish. Hoping new setup above will be better.

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It can definitely work. I'm running a 180 as an all-in-one. The thing I don't like about my setup is the lack of space in the outer compartments. It's way too crowded, and difficult to work in. So I would advise you to make sure you have PLENTY of room in your divided areas in the back. Also, make sure you have EASY access to them. If it's a hassle to access, maintenance will suffer and so will your tank.

This is why sumps are so popular-easy access and plenty of room for whatever you want, with zero compromise.


I agree, it can work. I had a 110 acrylic with a built in sump in the back. Originally I packed the thing with filtration stuff and over a year it became bare since the majority of the filtration took place in the tank itself. I do have some pics I can find and post. Unfortunately I placed mine near an wall which made maintenance a hassle.

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