New Tank, Micro Bubble Issues


New member
Hello all, getting back into the hobby. I recently purchased and setup a 45 Gallon SCA System. This included the sump and the SCA-301 Skimmer.

The tank has been up and running for about 2 weeks, with only Live Sand in the tank. My Live Rock was delayed due to weather in Florida.

I am having huge issues with micro-bubbles, some from the return but a lot from the skimmer. I have tried several things with the skimmer, raising it up in the sump, doing the MOD to the pump that I read on RC, nothing seems to help.

Couple questions, the skimmer could still be breaking in. Would it not break in if there is no Live Rock in the tank? Also, how can I stop the micro-bubbles from the return? I have a filter sock and mount coming in the next several days. Was hoping to not have to use on of these. Really don't want to use any sort of filter fibers, etc. The sump does have baffles. The first chamber is separated by a baffle that allows water under, and the middle section is separated by an over and under baffle.

Any ideas, or am I being too impatient? Will the Live Rock help?