new tank,new sights for me


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I just set up my first saltwater aquarium. I put live rock in and saw some purple stemed type of growth on one rock. Is this bad stuff?:rolleye1:
Do you have any pics of little bugger? It is probably a hitchhiker come along for the ride. Your best bet is to review some of these threads about hitchiker IDs on this website and go from there. This site has every possible answer you might be looking for. Best of luck to you newbie!

try again

try again

It keeps saying my file is too big If I send it normal size


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you are doing something that is making them too small! You need to start off with a pic that is about 800x600 and then downsize to something about 640x480. If its a finger leather than you need some powercompacts or VHO's at minimum. 2 part supplement and medium flow!
photo is clear as psd

photo is clear as psd

This is frustrating. I'll look up what you said and see if the ideas match. Maybe I can figure out the picture thing later.

That book is extremely useful if you want to keep corals, and might help you find an id for your hitchhiker.
:cool: Thanks alot for your help and everything. I just hope the cycle doesn't wipe it out. Do you think more light now or after cycle would be best? I have a 10k and actinct on it now.

I moved it as close to the top as I safely could.
More light now might help algae detoxify the water, but some of the algae might become pests. It's a personal call, but I think most people don't like their tanks during the cycle.
get this!

get this!

I was just "examining" my little rocks to see if there were anythung else I should be aware of...I think I saw a tiny feather duster? when I put a flashlight directly on it it scooted into its hole. Awhile later I watched it come back out. It came out looking like a red little stick then opened up. Should I be feeding? Is this a feather duster type behavior? It is too small for my camera to pick up. Maybe 3 hairs stacked together tops.