New Tank, New Sump....HELP!!!!


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I have a 65 gal AGA with built in overflow, I have a 20 gal long for my sump and its going crazy with microbubbles.... Here is how my set up is..
1 1/4" stockman stand pipe
3/4" return line being fed by a quiet one 5000 pump inside the sump
turbo flotor 1000 in sump skimmer which is brand new
Return lines in the tank are 3/4" piping with loc line fitings on each end (set up in a tee shape) each loc line is in opposite corners for flow.

My problem is this, the overflow is putting out tons of bubbles in the sump, at first I had the drain above the water level and thought that this was the cause, but I have since extended below the water line and its just as bad but only more quiet.
THe skimmer is putting out tons of microbubbles also, they are dumping into the sump as well thru the return lines or overflow lines at teh top of the skimmer....
My sump has 3 baffles whichI hoped would catch most of the bubbles but it is not 100% effective, maybe 60%. So the return pump is picking up the microbubbles and send them into the display tank...

How do I correct this? there are so many bubbles in the display tank I cant see clearly.... when i turn it off it clears up beautifully....

Someone please help me here this is my first attempt to set up a tank with a sump.


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You could try a filter sock on your return from your tank into your sump and on your skimmers outflow. Some skimmers however will produce alot of micro bubbles for the first few months of there operation untill they get gummed up a little. I had the same problem with my ASM G1X skimmer but after two months it no longer releases huge quantities of microbubles and the baffles catch the remaining bubbles.