New tank off to great start!


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I just set up my 28g nano tank exclusively with liverock from Tampa Bay Saltwater. This is my third saltwater set-up (first nano tank) and third time I've ordered rock from TBS. It just keeps getting better and better! I was happy with the original base rock/live sand I received with the initial shipment but was completely blown away with the second! I'm used to the quality, but it never ceases to amaze me how much this rock blows the competition out of the water! In addition, I love the quick turnaround with e-mail inquiries: Richard responds to questions or confirms orders very quickly. I'm also lovin' some of the extra goodies Richard included in the order! In short, I am one happy customer and will only buy rock from TBS. The price is right, the service impeccable and friendly, and the shipping method is fantastic (everything shipped under water). Thanks Richard, you are truly unique in our hobby!



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Looks great, he has the best service around, but the main thing is he really cares that his customers are always happy! I ordered again today as well, I am addicted to TBS stuff :)