New tank setup: First tank inhabitant advice please...


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Need some advice please.

Setting up a Waterbox Frag 105.4 (4 foot long x 23 wide tank). Finally have my stand, plumbing and equipment hooked up. I have my tank filling with water. Salt, sand and rockscape up next for the first part of next week.

Once tank is cycled I need advice please for first tank inhabitants.

Wondering what small fish would be a good start. Here's my starting list with some questions on best number to add to the tank:

1) Yellow Tail Damselfish: Get 1 or pair or 3 or more and are these safe to add to tank first or will they bully/kill the other subsequent small fish added later?Royal gramma. Get 1 or pair or 3 or more?

2) Cardinalfish; Red spot or Threadfin. Get 1 or pair or 3 or more?

3) Royal Gramma; get 1 or pair or 3 or more?

4) Firefish; get 1 or pair or 3 or more?

Later down the road:

5) Small yellow tang

6) Small pygmy angel
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Michael Hoaster

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Reverse the order of 1-4, so the firefish go in first. You can do more than one of all four of them. How many of each is up to you. Just be sure there are enough hidey holes for everyone.

You need a separate quarantine tank, to make sure everyone is free of disease.