New tank time- need some help


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Hey All,

My main display tank is turning the big 20 this year, and I think it's about due for a replacement. I haven't paid attention to the reefing world in the last 10 years or so, I've just sort of done my thing, but it's time to step out and see whats new.

My problems: As I said, my tank's old, if it were a person it could have little nano tanks. The cross brace has gotten dodgy over the years and there's gorilla glue involved now which I'm not crazy about, and there's a lingering leak coming from somewhere I can't identify preventing me from using my sump in the basement below. I just want to replace the tank, all my pipes, and be done with it.

My plan is to whip out this 55g AGA tank and chuck it to the curb, and in it's place get something slightly smaller but more functional like a 44g cube drilled for an overflow. All the tanks I've looked at so far are the new rimless designs, which I like, but experience has taught me I need a top and haven't seen much in the way of top offerings.

I guess I'm also looking for what are my manufacturer options and if anyone has input on who builds better tanks. I've seen a few systems that keep the sump under the display- I'm not interested in that, I just need a basic tank predrilled with a overflow, intake, and output.

Any suggestions?


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So one of the things I've been noticing as I've been shopping is most pre-built 40g cubes I've been seeing come with sumps in the cabinet directly below.

Currently, my 55g display has like a 40g sump plumbed through my wall and down into the basement below. I really like the setup as the basement is unfinished and it lets me get a bit wet and messy downstairs. Anyone have a lead on tanks pre-drilled with overflows that don't come with sumps/pumps/etc?