new tank


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I just set up a biocube29, I've kept saltwater before but it's been a while. I set it up yesterday with a fresh 20lb bag of caribsea, about 30 lbs of rock, 5 gallons nutrisea water, and 15 gallons RO/Instant Ocean.
The rock has been in water for over a year between my old tank and the can in the garage with powerheads so it should still have substancial life on it even though it's been without light.
It's been 24 hours and Ammonia and Nitrates are both close to undetectible, haven't changed since I set up the tank yesterday. How long do you guys think it will be before the tank cycles? Do you think it will be a harsh cycle? and what about a diatom bloom?? Do you think I will have a big one and what should I do to get rid of the diatoms?
also, when should I add my CUC?

Sorry to ask so many questions, but again it's been a while :)



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Well, it's hard to be sure, but since the live rock has been in saltwater with powerheads, the tank might not show much ammonia. I might starting adding a bit of fish food (2-3 flakes or so) once a day to see how that goes.


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The feeding provides input for the bacteria, so they can grow. Once the system can handle a little bit of food, a small fish should be fine, as far as filtration goes.