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Hi every one, I am a new member. After reading a few threads I realized the plethora of information here and had to join!

I have a few questions:

Is my anemone dying? see pic had him only a few weeks and hes been shrinking and his mouth is all swelled out.

Also I saw a small tube like thing pop up on one of my rocks and squire out a white hazy liquid then he went away? about 1/4" big. my water is a bit milky. is this a parasite? I have a lot of hairy green algae too

I am sure I will have more questions thanks!


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If you dont know what the tube worm is then my guess is your tank is to new for the anemone , they like older more mature tanks.
How old is this tank?
Whats used for water flow?
Whats the water readings?


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The anemone is not looking good. Does it feed? What lights is it under? How old is the tank? How long have you had it? Is that a Condy?

I would post this picture in the Anemone and Clownfish forum.


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Hi guys thanks for the reply. Had I found this forum before I got the anemone I would never had bought him I feel bad he died today but I learned a lot in the process and will wait until everything is right before I try to keep another anemone. It was a purple tipped haitian anemone or "Condylactis" WAS really cool.

So the tank is 2 months old:
20 Gallon (Thats all I can fit)
Fluval 204 Canister
Eshopps 100 Protein skimmer
AA Aquarium 24watt UV algae killer
Actinic blue florescent
LED accent light
10 lbs Live rock
live substrate
2- Yellow tailed Blue Damsels
2- hermit crabs
I thought I was through the cycle when Ammonia peaked at 2ppm and then started to go down but then it spiked back up to 8ppm after I cleaned the tank and water changed 4 gallons.

I think cleaning the tank with a siphon vaccume kills the good Nitro bacteria? So now I am gonna let the tank run for a few weeks. what do u all think? thanks


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I think your rushing...........hobby of patients. I promise if your take your time youll be much happier, your tank residents will be much happier and your wallet will be a little fuller lol


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I agree with the above posts. Can you remove the anemone to a more suitable tank while yours matures?

Also, do you have a sump? More detailed lighting and chemistry parameters would also help with dispensing advice to get your tank up to the anemone's standards