new to acros and sps


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I am new to keeping acros and sps corals and was wondering if a 250w metal halide and 2 24w t5's is enough to sustain these corals.

My tank is 50 gallons.

Thanks for everyones input!!!


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that is enough light, but there is alot more than just light to keeping sps,

lighting is the easy part.


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Yup do a lot of reading before taking the plung. Also some Sps like more light then others.
Then there is skimmers,chillers,sump.refugium,ro/di water,test kits.2part solutions,dosing pumpscacium reactors,power heads,water pumps do the math:)


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Lighting is only one of the many factors that affect a corals health. Flow, water quality, stability, etc. all contribute to their health as well. But you don't have to have a bunch of equipment to make it work. I keep SPS without a skimmer, chiller, sump, refugium, reactor, etc. There are lots of different ways to be succesful.


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The temp fluctuates a little between night and when the halides turn off, but my ambient room temperature stays low enough to keep the tank temp at 81 at most. I've only got one halide running on the tank so if you have 2 or 3 running you could run into a bigger problem.