New to dosing pumps. Got a question...


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Can I placing a dosing pump and 2 part in my basement and runthe output up. It will likely be a 4 foot vertical run and 2 feet horizontal.

Alternate option is put pumps in the cabinet stand and run hoses from basement where I would keep the 2part.

Are dosng pumps noisy? The tank is a 45 cube placed between our 2 couches.

Thanks for the info.


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Did not purchase yet but I was looking at jebao or BRS. Likely BRS though so I can control it using controller.


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I personally use the Jebao dp-4 pictured below and I love it. It is a bit noisy when it runs, but with that size tank, I don't think yours will be running that much longer than mine, which runs for a second at a time 6 times a day.

Another thing to consider is to program it to dose at night when nobody is near it. That is what I do and I never hear it.

I agree on the check valves as well. They will help keep the liquid on the lines and not back flow into the containers again. This will mess up your dosing. Feel free to PM me if you have any specific questions on the dosing and schedule. It is pretty simple, but I have made my share of mistakes that have taught me some stuff.


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I don't think it's necessary to have a check valve on a peristaltic dosing pump.
It's designed to prevent backflow.


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Hmmm ... I actually just returned an APEX DoS because the additives were back flowing from the sump to the DoS giving me wildly inaccurate dosing throughout the day.

To be clear - my dosing setup is in my basement, on a shelf mounted just under the tank stand. Total vertical lift from additive bottles to sump rim is less than 3 feet. The dosing tubes were mounted above max water line for the sump. The DoS was pulling air into the tubes in between doses. So much air, that when the pump would turn on, it wouldn't dose enough to push the air out of the lines. I would regularly have to prime the lines to get additive up to the sump, then sure enough within a few hours it was sucking air back into the lines. I fought with it for 2 weeks until I finally gave up and returned it to Amazon.

I ordered a Jebao DP-4 to replace the DoS, and it should be delivered today.

I guess we'll see if the Jebao prevents the back flow.


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There must have been an air leak somewhere.
Peristaltic pumps are designed to not have check valves.
The three roller ones anyways.

Did the dos use two rollers or three? I'm guessing three, just had a leak.


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Not sure if DoS had 2 or 3 rollers - after doing some more research on peristaltic pumps I now understand how they work, and understand why everyone is saying they shouldn't need check valves. The rollers should be pinching the tubing in the pump to the point of not allowing back flow when they are not running.

I was not seeing any of the additive fluids lying around near the DoS or bottles, but now that I understand how the pumps work, I'm wondering if the rollers were not properly aligned / not tight against the tubing, allowing the fluids to back flow through the pump to the bottles. If that was the case ... then shame on Neptune! That was a VERY expensive 2 pump machine.

I setup the Jabao DP-4 yesterday afternoon, just checked at the sump, pumps and bottle - I'm not seeing any air anywhere in the lines after 20 hours. That's not something I could ever say about the DoS while I had it.