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Hey guys. My friend Mhannon and I decided we would like to join the DRC and will be at the next meeting. We're really excited to participate in everything you guys have to offer. We have been long time users of RC and have kept tanks for years but never really thought about a club. Just wanted to say hello!
Hey and welcome to the DRC. Have you checked out our website yet? <A HREF=""></A> Tell us a little more about your tank/tanks and what animals your keeping. It looks like you missed the last official meeting for the season as we are usually a little more laid back in the summer months, but may be just in time for some trips.

Ha ha yeah when I found the site and signed up It was the day after the meeting. Just my luck. As for my set-up, I have a 55 reef that was set up over a year ago now. In the begging I went through a crash in which I lost everything but now things are going great. I have learned a lot and still want to learn more. I wish I could start a new tank because there are so many things I would do differently, however I am now a college student and simply don't have the time for a new tank. I currently have a pair of O. Clownfish, a pair of firefish, a mandarin, dragon goby, and cleaner wrasse. My corals include mushrooms, kenya, the craziest gsp you have ever seen (am excited to trade frags with fellow members), frogspawn, and a toadstool. I also have a GBTA who is getting quite large :). My favorite has to be my cleaner wrasse. He is not the least bit shy and loves to pick at my arm when Im working in the tank.
"I am now a college student and simply don't have the time for a new tank". I know the story there, I just graduated.

Keep an eye on the mandarin, a 55 doesn't leave a lot of food for it. Have you thought about setting up a refugium?

This fall there will be a lot more frag trading going on. Once again, welcome.

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