New to Mantis Shrimp! Q's


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I've just aquired my first salt water tank with a little mantis shrimp. He's only about an inch and a half long, so I'm assuming he's still a baby. He's brownish grey in color right now. My question is, do they all start out that color, and proceed to becoming colorful? Or do I have one of those brown colored Mantis Shrimp ?? I'll take pictures whenever I get the chance if that helps


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Assuming that mantis is living in the 7gal tank you have in your sig? Then yes it is very possible to overfeed a mantis. Most of us feed frozens once every two days (or less... mix it up a bit). Only feed a chunk about half the mantis' body size. It is recommended that frozens are soaked in a supplement like selcon once in a while.

supplement frozen feedings with occasional (once a month or more) live food like nassarius snails and/or blue leg hermits.

Like Dr. Roy said, you're likely to get a mantis that will stick to its original colouration, but some mantids are able to change their colour depending on lighting and how much rock (hidey holes) you give it.