new to me 175 gal setup/weight and load bearing question


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Hi all

I am soon to pickup a 175 gallon setup, with a 65 gallon sump. I had a 30 gallon salt tank about 20 years ago, and Ive been running a planted freshwater on and off since then. So I do have some experience, need to refresh (pun intended) my salt tank knowhow.

This is kind of a sudden find, very excited to get it but also a bit nervous. The tank has live rock, and I believe cheap gravel and not live sand. It also comes with 100+ pounds of "formerly live" rock. I do want to keep the current live rock alive, so my idea is to just set up the sump for now while I plan out the big tank location and stand.

The current stand is a homemade 2x4 affair. It's been functioning for 5 years or so, but still. I can weld up something nicer, so I do plan to.

My rough math puts the tank filled up plus rock and sand at 1500 pounds, if not more. The best viewing location for the tank is upstairs. It would sit up against a load bearing wall, across as in perpendicular to the joists. The Load bearing wall underneath those joists is poured in place concrete and not standard 2x6 framing. So I think that should be okay... but I figured I should ask the experts here, see if that is unreasonable. I have a second location downstairs that would be on the slab if not.

All I am setting up initially will be the sump as a live rock incubator. Tank comes with no inhabitants, so I can take my time and plan out a nice setup. I will post up pictures once I have the gear at my place!


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It sounds like the floor will hold it, but I'm always very, very cautious about "upstairs" tanks, and would put it in the basement near a drain, if possible. At the very least, consider the contingencies if you have a big, or even medium, spill- which many here will tell you is inevitable.

Good luck!


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Our tanks (and a piano) are all against a cinder block load-bearing basement 'spine' (rancher) and both tanks are in corners, where walls have reinforcement. This is thick flooring like 2x6 (or 8---off the top of my head I can't remember) which is old and stubborn and lying atop concrete bases. I have a 100 gallon reef (basement sump) in one corner and a 55 fresh in the other, neither with a sump in that location. I can see the flooring at all times when I'm down in the basement, and have had no hint of stress.