New to me 330g peninsula tank!


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Hello everyone!

I will be picking up a new to me 300g peninsula tank this coming weekend. The owner will be keeping the fish in the quarantine system until the tank is all set up and ready to go again. I'm thinking get the tank one weekend and the fish the next. The tank is a couple hours away from me. We were planning on moving most of the water from the tank as well.

Here's a current stock list:
Regal angelfish
Orange shoulder tang
Gem tang
Atlantic blue tang
Purple tang
a Brazilian banana eel
a wrasse (pic attached as I can't ID it)
and a small yellow blenny

Everyone appears healthy and appropriately fat. <3

I was thinking of adding my 2 clownfish that I've had for over 8 years and 2 anemones.

Any thoughts, concerns about the current stock list? I'd love to add maybe 2 or 3 smaller fish for interest. I love getting close and looking at small fish with interesting personalities.


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Looks like a Melanurus wrasse to me.

My only concern would be the eel eating small fish and inverts. As they say, if it will fit in its mouth...

A school of 20+ green chromis would look awesome and inexpensive. Their swimming and schooling behaviour remind me of of my fave families of schooling FW fish. Just QT and treat for potential Uronema as the school will "drop off" one by one in a fairly quick rate.

Pyramid Butterfly fish are easy to keep and wont pick on corals.


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Yes! It does look like a melanurus wrasse. Thank you!!

From the current owner, the banana eel hasn't bothered any of the shrimp or smaller fish over the last 2 years. I know it is still a strong possibility.


The eel is probably well fed thus no real compulsion to eat its tank mates.

You can take the animal out of the jungle but hard to take the jungle out of the animal :p


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I definitely wouldn't add small fish with that eel, the other fish choices are interesting, plus take the advice to quarantine all fish, you have no idea how much that helps, good luck.