New to owning Saltwater Fish. Please help.


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I have had Corals for the last 1 1/2 years! And freshwater fish the 3 years before that. But I have never owned saltwater fish. So I am switching!!!! I have a 150 gallon tank that I have bought 2 weeks ago, and am now Cycling through. It has 160 pounds of Live rock, and two-ish inches of sand. I will start adding fish towards the middle of July! The only problem is I don't know which ones to add when, and which species doesn't go with which species. I have done loads of research, but I cant find reliable first-hand accounts on Compatibility of the fish I want. Which is what brought me here!

Here is the list of which Fish/Invertabrates I want. Please tell me your opinion/ suggestions! And help me with these questions; how many? What order do I add them? Thank you in advanced.

Amphiprion ocellaris, Chromis viridis, Ecsenius midas, Pictichromis paccagnellae, Nemateleotris decora, Centropyge bispinosa, Zebrasoma flavescens, Paracanthurus hepatus, Pusiostoma sp., and Entacmaea quadricolor. And of couse I want some of My corals transferred over, such as my Euphyllia paradivisa.

On a side note, I can finally say all of those Scientific names!! I am currently going to College for a Masters in Marine Biology.