New to the hobby..75gal questions


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So Ive been looking into starting a salt water tank for a little while now. I have a 75gal fresh water turtle tank. I am planning on offloading the turtles to a friend and starting a sw tank and would like some advice/opinions.

Must first question is.. I have a 75gal and a 29gal tank that I can use for a tank and sump setup. I would be willing to drill the tank for a skimmer rather then using an over the tank skimmer. When I start researching about the tank and sump setups I get very overwhelmed.

This leads to me next question. I was also considering calling it a day and purchasing a red sea max 250 and not have to deal with designing the sump and tank and everything. I know that going the custom route will give me a better setup with higher quality i.e. LEDs and a better skimmer but I like the design of the RSM top cover and the fact that the skimmer is more or less invisible which aesthetically looks nicer.

If i go the custom route I plan on possibly making a custom sump with refugium unless someone can recommend a nice sump setup rather then using the 29 gallon tank. I will also try to go with a nice LED setup.

Also from what Ive seen it appears the having a RODI system is almost this correct?

If anyone can direct me to anywhere online that has this information i would be willing to read but I am slowly working my way through the forum reading all I can.