New to the hobby...


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Hi there all, yes I am a newbie and just wanted to show what I have started. I am using a 90L tank. I actually started with a 38L tank that my parents gave me, but it soon became crowded and so I upgraded.
I found the rock sculpting to be the hardest part, a number of goes were had until the result you see, which was achieved this morning. I am trying to keep my setup very basic, I don't want to overfill, but just something that will look nice and be easy to maintain.

So far my tank contains:
2 Clown fish (George and Jerry)
1 Blue Devil (Wendy)
1 Banana Wrasse (added today, nameless and still under the sand)
1 Hermit crab
C.Morphs (can't spell it yet)
Helio Fungia

I am happy with how it looks now, it's how I pictured it in my mind.
I would like to hear any comments or criticisms.
Take care and thanks for looking.







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At first when I read this I thought you meant 90 "long" and that this was in the wrong forum:D. Then I realized you're in Australia and 90L meant 90 liters (which for the rest of us in the U.S. is about 24 gallons).

Looks good so far, how long has it been up?


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This tank has been going for a about 3 weeks, not very long I know, but as I said, I upgraded from a smaller tank and transferred everything across. I now have my smaller tank setup as a quarantine tank, which I was using to cure new pieces of live rock that I added, and keep the fish while I rearranged everything.
Sorry for the confusion of the metric/imperial system. :D