New ZOO Tank


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well my 3 gl picotope finshed cycling about a week ago and yesterday i went and picked some zoo frags. my question is what do i do to get them to grow. do you guys feed them or what. i my large tank i feed brine and phyto. i have no fish in this tank though, and don't know if the phyto plankton will help the zoos. also there is only the stock 9wat light that came with it. any advise would be appreciated thanks in advance.


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I use a turkey baster once a week to target feed mysis shrimp. Not all of the varieties I have catch the food though.


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I turn off all the pumps so that once I squirt the phyto on the zoos the cloud of phyto actually stays and surrounds the zoos giving it plenty of time to engluph as much phyto they need. They mosty feed off light though... the better the light the more open they are... Their stalks will lenghten and reach if they want more light and remain short if they are ok in their light surroundings.