Newb gets first SPS


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Just looking for a mentor.

This coral is some kind of blue acro (i think) I have it directly in center of tank at 50% ht.

I run my Kessils up to 70% intensity then back down. Spectrum varies from blue to white gradually all day. I have two 18w actinic t5s that are supplementing 6 hours a day and two more 18w actinics and two more 12ks that are on 2 hours a day for supplementation (trying not to roast this thing). The 150s are pretty far out on the ends of the tank and only run 6 hours a day (although they are within the 2ft range).

The color is the same as when i got it 3 days ago...possibly with a little more blue its hard to tell.

Please advise.

Edit. The pics are under different lights combinations. The pic on left is 360s only, the pic on right is with all bulbs going. The color has no changed.
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I always assume the no response phenomenon equals neither any sharp criticism or complements. Its like Switzerland or Luthern church in here!