newb to reactors


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Hello Reefers!

I have a 75 RR with 20g sump. No refugium yet but I'm working on it. The rest of my equip is listed in my profile as well as some pictures.

Anyway, I'm having some trouble keeping my mag and calcium levels up. My alk always seems to be pretty normal but I can't get my calcium to stay at proper levels. I'm at 350ppm right now and would like to raise that to 420+ppm. I know it's an issue with mag. It has to be since my alk and Ph are pretty much at the perfect levels.

I'm throwing around the idea of getting a cal reactor. Could someone please explain to me the operation of a reactor, the equipment needed and possibly some recommendations on a good one.

I don't have much room left under my cabinet for a big one so something 15" tall or under would be great. Can they be placed in the sump?

Thanks RC!