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Hi, new to the hobby. Started with about a year and a half ago, with a new lfs setting my tank up at my office. Got off to a bad start...they werent maintaining it like they should have...they eventually went out of business and I took over the tank, last fall learning as I went. Recently retired and moved the tank home about 2 months ago. It's starting to look great. I'm eager to learn and excited.


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Thanks! My tank is 85 gal. I have a foxface, a mimic tang, 4 pj cardinals, 1 bangai cardinal, 2 clowns and 2 shrimp. If I were to get one more fish (assuming i have room), what should I get? Would like something colorful but compatible.
Hello and welcome! Looks great.

How did the move go? Other folks may be interested in a thread documenting the experience!
I was amazed how well it went actually! I was expecting a disaster. I do a 20% water change weekly. Waited until the day it was due. Siphoned out about 80% ogf the water an transfered it to a large garbage can in the back of the truck. Put all the rock , corals, and inverts in a tote with water covering them. Fish in bags in an ice chest. I threw away the old sand and had new sand ready. We only moved it about 30 mins away, so had it only took about 5 or 6 hours. I didn't lose any fish or corals and my parameters really didn't change much. I think the key was having a plan and doing everything quick