Newbie Questions...Thank in advance


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Howdy y'all...

I'm new here (with SW reef system). I had been with FW for +10 years, but never try SW reef system. Wish me luck :(

My tanks is a 110g Tenecor acrylic corner/pentergon tank. The BB filter sytem is builded into the back of the tank. But the BB filter has been converted into sump and refuge (Appx. 4"D x 30"W x 28"H ). The tank is 28" deep. Filter is using Marine Eheim 2128 pro II (with bulid in heater) with carbon & "phos remover" media inside (without bio media= bio media removed)

My questions is.....

1) Will a Tek 8 x 39w T5 lighting system be enough for reef system? Yes, I plan to put coral (soft & hard), live rock, live sand in the tank. I also has 2 Icecap ballast that I could retrofit into the Tek fixture.
No, I don't plan to use MH lighting...1) the Tenecor tank top is covered with acrylic sheet ( don't want to melt the acrylic cover, the tank is garrenties for life )...2) don't need any more heat ( no chiller )

2) Which is the best HOB (or out of sump) Skimmer?
The tank's sump has very narrow space 4"

3) Can I run carbon & "phos remover" media 24/7 ?
Yes, I plan to change the media every week or 2

I'm using this set-up is, because I live in a condo highrise in the city. I CAN'T afford any leak. The WHOLE system is a closed system, No way it is going to leak from power outage, system failure, etc..I don't plan to be kick out by the condo board or get sued.

Thanks for the help, from a Newbie.



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if the ice cap ballast are able to be used with this fixture yes it will be enough because it will overdrive the bulb, myself i would go with the 8 lamp 54watt tek 5 setup and just run it normally as pretty much with any of the bigger tek 5 fixtures you won't be limited to what you can keep. yes you can run the carbon and phos remover, but you dont need a filter if you have a sump. i would get a phosban reactor for about $40 as it will be more efficient and just put the carbon in a filter bag and put it in the sump. most reefers depends on you run the skimmers in the sump to keep it out of the display tank again up to you.


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Thank you for the help!!! I can't use the 54w Tek, too long for my tank :( . Will my Tek good enough for stony coral?
39wx8=312 watt, with Icecap ballast=70% overdrive = total 530 watt.