Newbie says thanks

Just wanted to say thank you for an excellent site.

I was reading some posts on The Mad Reefer, and decided to check it out tonight. I have been away from the hobby for about 8 years and jumped back in last fall with a 30 gal. tank that I still had. . .Well the bug bit, I found a deal on a 90 gal RR, MH lighting , EV180 skimmer, and a ton of other stuff. Set the tank up with about 40 lbs of rock , a few fish. The tank has cycled, so we headed to TMR. A guy was there that had to get rid of a bunch of stuff cause he's moving out of state. Ended up getting 60 lbs of really nice live rock, a purple tang, Percula clown, mandarin dragonet, and some nice colonies of orange and pink zoo's for $280. Seemed like a pretty good deal, some of the rock he has had for 12 to 15 years and is full of life. . .

Well thanks again for a great site, it is amazing how much you forget being away for 8 years, and this has really helped.
Yeah I made the same mistake. About 5 years ago I bought a copy of FAMA as an impulse buy and noticed an ad for Capital Corals in Springfield. I had been out of the hobby for about 7 years. Stopped by the store and it has been all down hill since then :D