Newest "named" Zoa


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reminds me of Neon Eyes, and some morphs of the RadioActive's without the while ring on the outside of the disk.


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I think one of the unique characteristics here is the pink skin. With a bit of imagination you have a zoa on one side and a chalice (purple w/pink eyes or purple/pink with green eyes). So they look just as good open or closed. Hence the name, Inside Outs.


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soo many dif types of zoas/palys i want a colony of every single type :)
But i doubt that will ever happen :( just too many!

Me to, but I don't think I could even house them all in my 3/4 acre pond if I could keep it warm enough LOL

Coralfragger- Thats sweet that you have something you submitted get named (although if I remember right you have quite a few that you've submitted get named lol). :D