Newish nano


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What's up?

Had to change some stuff around, so went from a 60 gallon system to a ten, which makes me a member of the nano club I guess.
So heres the set up. Ten gallon AGA. Aquaclear 50 and Aquatech 20 hang on filters. Nothing in them but a piece of polypad.
50 watt microheater. One inch of sand. About fifteen pounds of rock (estimated).
Ghetto lights rigged up. Two 20 watt "twistie" compacts, full spectrum 5700 k. 15 inch floor fan nearby for cooling.
Livestock : One Bicolor Blenny. One Peppermint Shrimp.
Mushrooms and some Zoanthids. Heres a couple of pictures.
FTS with ghetto lights.

Zoanthids. Seem happy.


Mushrooms. Not happy here but in shade now, fully expanded.

So anyway been lurking and picking up tips. See ya around.


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I will make a decent "hood/canopy" for it this weekend.
To tell the truth I like the nano better than the big tanks.
Easy to clean stuff, easy to reach everything. Top off with a jug of bottled water takes about 30 seconds instead of lugging five gallon buckets around.
Plus its on my desk near my comp so I dont have to move to see my critters.
Gonna add some Ricordias and some more Zoas over the next few weeks too.
Was thinking about a Cherub Angel, but I dont know...think two fish would be too much?