Nextreef skimmer


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Does anybody have a nextreef recir skimmer. Looking for input. Looking at the XL model to go on a 220 gal mixed reef. Medium bioload. Thanks


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I haven't seen one in person yet, but it is a basic recirc skimmer which has been rock solid for skimming for a long time. I would not have any qualms about using it.


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I have the small one on a heavy stocked 250+ TWV system and it rocks. I will say one thing, they are under rated ffor what they can handle.

And Dave will down right hook you up for customer service aand "mods" to a point. I have the small one and have the medium cup on it. I even have the medium pump i can put on it. These things are built like a tank with really thick acrilic and reallly easy to clean.

If you get it you will not be sorry!


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Top notch and underrated.
I have used the small one on a 180 gallon fowlr with a beyond heavy bioload and it worked flawlessly.
Also used a custom commercial series on a 1400 gallon reef and its rock solid.